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Lightning Farron and Liara T’Soni

Ali Hillis Voice

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Ali Hillis, voice of Liara T’Soni (Mass Effect series)

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“No matter what happens, you mean everything to me, Liara. You always will.”
“Shepard, I…am yours.” 

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First Enchanter Liara and Knight Commander Samara - Dragon Effect

I liked the dynamic between Orsino and Meredith in Dragon Age 2 with the two characters trying to fulfill they’re respective roles yet always digging at one another (esp on Meredith’s part) so I thought it would be fun to place Liara and Samara in their positions, plus asari catfights are always fun.

Samara-  Since she’s so adherent to her justicar code in Mass Effect I thought seeing her as a knight commander sworn to uphold the templar code was fitting.  Morinth could also come into play as the apostate daughter that Samara would spend her time hunting (when she’s not busy with official duties).

Liara- As first enchanter Liara would do her best to quell the fear and stigma associated with mages and would aid Shepard by doing what she could to cover up the fact that he’s harboring three apostates in his crew (Kaidan/Jack/Miranda) from Samara.  Maybe by inventing fake phylacteries or something else more clever/plausible.

Not sure who will be next, maybe EDI/Legion or Javik/James

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wow consider my ovaries decimated

best of the set so far

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